One GIF Movie Review – Pacific Rim

In today’s world of high-speed Internet and Attention Deficit Disorder, people just don’t have time to read any more. Society needs to know if a movie is good and needs to know IMMEDIATELY. Let other websites explain things with boring words, only here can you find our feelings encapsulated into one moving image. Welcome to the future. Continue reading


Splinter Cell Movie: New Writers attached


To be honest I hadn’t even heard that Splinter Cell was going to be turned into a movie yet alone have one of the biggest writers in Hollywood, Sheldon Turner (Up In the Air, X-Men First class) attached to it! But these are both excellent pieces of news… cos ‘from above pipe take-downs’ that’s why! Continue reading

JK Rowling to pen 3 NEW Harry Potter Movies… Set in New York!

"I don't want to go to America!"

“I don’t want to go to America!”

No, this is not a cruel Imperious curse that has forced us to all succumb to a cruel movie directors joke, this is real life god-dammit. The NY Daily News has reported that JK Rowling will be penning three new Harry Potter movies that take place before Harry’s antics in the mid 90’s. The kicker here is that it is going to be set in America! Continue reading