One GIF Movie Review – Godzilla (2014)

In today’s world of high-speed Internet and Attention Deficit Disorder, people just don’t have time to read any more. Society needs to know if a movie is good and needs to know IMMEDIATELY. Let other websites explain things with boring words, only here can you find our feelings encapsulated into one moving image. Welcome to the future.

When a huge radiation-devouring creature threatens man’s continued existence, Godzilla – king of the kaiju – emerges from the Pacific deeps to really fuck up its day. Everything is subsequently destroyed.





New Godzilla Poster… She is beautiful


Look at how mother-fucking beautiful this beast is! Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘BBW’ this poster, the newest in a string of high profile Godzilla posters recently released, has already begun crushing the internet. Thankfully we have literally dozens of marines on hand and a couple of Chinooks to boot!

The highly anticipated reboot of the series (due to hit the UK cinema screens in Friday 16th May) will see potentially dozens of Kaiju ripping up America in that all too familiar way. And if that doesn’t moisten your already eager hearts Mothra will be one of them according to the most recent advert breakdown.

For more info head over to the incredibly kick-ass official website. Or why not watch the 1998 version to see Jean Reno wear an intensely boxy hat?