[Review] Shadow Fight 2: A Beat ’em Up We Can Be Proud Of

Traditionally the iPhone and iPad and in fact most mobile OS’s have taken well to the beat ’em up genre. Infinity Blade, whilst not a traditional side scrolling fighter, was for a long time the spearhead of the App Store, we’ve also had excellent ports of OMG Pirates and a really good original in Maximus. So App developers Nekki definitely have their work cut out in their follow up to the original Shadow Fight; Shadow fight 2. Continue reading


[New Trailer] Sin City: A Dame to Kill For gets teaser reel!

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s hard-boiled second visit to the seedy Basin City is gearing up to be a seductively noir romp. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, some heavy heavy shit is about to go down and I’m not talking about Mickey Rourke’s lower jaw, that thing is messed up though. Continue reading