We’re back! And we’re off to EGX (But don’t call it Euro Gamer)!

EGXHello, let’s pretend that small hiatus never happened… Good, okay.

Yes! We’ve managed to somehow wrangle some press passes for EGX at Earl’s Court, London. The event, running this weekend is now sold out so I hope you were lucky enough to have grabbed one yourself.

We’re going to have plenty to round up for you in the next few days, although very briefly *DEEP BREATH* there’s going to be…

Assassins Creed
Alien Isolation
Something called BROFORCE
Captain Toad
Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes
Dead Island 2
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dying LIght
Elite: Dangerous (not sure that’s a real name
EVE: Valkyrie
Far Cry 4
Final Horizon
Forza Horizon 2

You get the picture.. it goes all the way up to Yoshi, We’ll be bringing you some previews of the biggest upcoming games and insight into the original and ever expanding indie market.

Oh and there’s going to be a board game section to the expo – it would be rude not to.



The Avengers Are Officially Bigger than Harry Potter… also Probably Jesus.

With the resounding success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which opened to gangbusters numbers in the US over the weekend, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become the franchise to beat. According to Box Office Mojo, the mega-franchise has risen to the number one spot with a staggering current total gross of $2.47 billion, becoming the highest-grossing film franchise in history.

In. History.

That means The Avengers have outperformed everything from Harry Potter, to Lord of the Rings, to freaking Star Wars. Even the James Bond series – with an impressive 24 movies under its expensive Versace belt, compared to Marvel’s 9 – is left in the dust way back in 4th place.

Check out the full list at Box Office Mojo.


The Rock loves waving a sword in New Hercules shots


Finally we have some insight into the new Hercules movie!

Now I love the Rock, I mean his bicep is 1/3 of this poster and when 1/3 of the poster is also fire, you’re probably on to something! Personally I think he is 2/3 of the reason why Bret Ratner’s take on Hercules will be the best outing the Demi-god has had to date – I am of course omitting Disney’s Hercules for the same reasons you omit Chuck Norris from ‘Who would win in a fight?’ competitions…. yes… their catchy show tunes!

What the Rock will ultimately bring to the table is the belief that a human like character can arm wrestle a Titan into the dust. He’s also got a bone-hilted sword/pulveriser in the poster… And I like that!

Other than rippling muscle bound action we should be in for a darker outing with the Rock and Co; often I feel that Hollywood has given one of the best Greek heroes a soft touch. I mean has anyone actually seen Zeus eating children on the silver screen before? No! And that’s exactly why I am asking for the Hydra and Hercules and showdown we all want to see!

Hercules should be in UK cinemas for the 8th August 2014. Which means he’ll be stepping into the summer blockbuster arena to fight the other chaps in Mortal Kombat!

New Planet of the Apes Behind the Scenes Leaked

Are we finally going to get the monkey colosseum death pit of our dreams!? Well no, not in real life but if these new Dawn on the Planet of the Apes shots are anything to go by we’re going to have spare magical monkey claws coming out of the wazoo!

In the picture we’re getting our first glimpse at Ape Village where Caesar is holed up with his chums (10 points to whoever spots Dr Zaius first!). Andy Serkis looks like he is already killing it, understandable for a man who has already played the best leading Ape role you can land!

A huge fan of the reboot (James Franco – killing it!) we are still going to have to wait another few months for the new one with official billing starting on the 11th July! Just enough time for us to hide all great monuments in the ocean!


New X-Men Days of Future Past trailer has just dropped!

Not quite just dropped but I mean I’ve only just gotten over the fact that Storm is going to get killed by a Sentinel! Woop! Sorry Halle. I like you and you have an Oscar so if you’re mutant could bog off for a while… yeah that’d be great!

The trailer is great and teases at a serious number of sentinels confronting mutants whilst time streams shoot off in every direction. I think we can all get on board with Fassebender looking dashing in that distinct Helmet and yeah Jennifer Lawrence’s blue tits are splashing out. There given some prominence on the new poster as well! I think we all know what Logan is looking at here and no it’s not his Professor X nipple face.


New Godzilla Poster… She is beautiful


Look at how mother-fucking beautiful this beast is! Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘BBW’ this poster, the newest in a string of high profile Godzilla posters recently released, has already begun crushing the internet. Thankfully we have literally dozens of marines on hand and a couple of Chinooks to boot!

The highly anticipated reboot of the series (due to hit the UK cinema screens in Friday 16th May) will see potentially dozens of Kaiju ripping up America in that all too familiar way. And if that doesn’t moisten your already eager hearts Mothra will be one of them according to the most recent advert breakdown.

For more info head over to the incredibly kick-ass official website. Or why not watch the 1998 version to see Jean Reno wear an intensely boxy hat?