New Shadow of Mordor Gameplay: Weapon Details

By Balin’s beard! You really do not want to piss off Tailon and if you do; don’t surround yourself with bodyguards because he’ll harvest you for epic runes.
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[Trailer] The Asian Godzilla Trailer will make your giblets quiver

Mother of all that is holy, in the Pacific be your home, thy trailer come, Mothra be undone by you as it should be. This new trailer is just insane, you are already probably well aware that we are ginormous Godzilla fans and as her return edges ever closer we have our best glimpse yet at what is actually gonna go down! Continue reading

[New Trailer] Sin City: A Dame to Kill For gets teaser reel!

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s hard-boiled second visit to the seedy Basin City is gearing up to be a seductively noir romp. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, some heavy heavy shit is about to go down and I’m not talking about Mickey Rourke’s lower jaw, that thing is messed up though. Continue reading

[Trailer] Into the Storm – When Fire Tornadoes ruin your Private Jet Collection

Jesus ever loving crap, this town can’t catch a break, do not buy up land near this quiet hamlet – tornadoes will fuck your front garden up, your loved ones will be sucked into voids and planes will spin uncontrollably into the air. Admittedly the planes sort of belong there but if you start introducing fire and probably razor sharp rain and lighting with the power of a thousand suns into the mix, you might not want to catch one out of town. Continue reading

NEW: TMNT teaser trailer, best shots of Turtles yet!

The people behind the Michael Bay produced, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot have just released this teaser trailer, giving us the best look yet at what the Turtles are going to look like… and I am very impressed!

Firstly I think it’s important to point out that the entire palette of the movie is much darker, in fact the whole trailer embraces the darkness. This is the best clue yet that we will be returning to the comic origins of the subway dwelling group (btw they’re darker)! Oh and then there’s April, played by Megan Fox she faints in the trailer and doesn’t do much else – expect this to be the pattern for her character, she is a female in a Bay movie, actually it’s quite amazing she is there at all given their history so just enjoy looking at her you perv!

The Turtle’s are SO expressive though, their digitalisation has really paid off and easily trumps the live action hashes of the past. Hopefully bringing more fluidity to their faces will mean that we will see some excellent dialogue and not just some hero half shell action, although I’ll take that as well.

Obviously this is Michael Bay so there’s also a big thing falling over and shit falling out of the sky although I was surprised to not hear any gut rumbling bass notes! Also there is a quick Shredder mask that pops up, of course it’s darkly light from underneath because that makes hist scary… and I was scared!

TMNT has a touted release at some point in August so it will be up against the likes of Hercules in the Panthenon of Summer Blockbusters!