UK Games Expo: Monte Cook and Shanna Germain talk Numenera


Shanna Germain, the lead editor of Numenera and The Strange, has a coy smile on her face “…before Numenera people said that the RPG market would be gone in 5 years”. Could they have been any more wrong…

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UK Games Expo: We’re going!


I am delighted to announce that ShmashBOT will be reporting live from the UK Games Expo 2014! Our greatest thanks and honours go to the press team who have arranged press passes ahead of time ensuring that we can be there everyday from May 30th – June 1st! But what’s this all about!? Well… Continue reading

Jugula! Tabletop Gladiator game proves BLOODY spellbinding


Now, I don’t claim to the have the greatest tabletop gaming knowledge but I have played a few card/tabletop crossovers in my time and I am usually too dim-witted or the game lacks positional tactics for them to really catch my attention. But in Gripping Beast/Tomahawk Studio composite Jugula! I think I am onto a winner. Continue reading