You Can Now Own The Hateful 8 Poster

the-hateful-eight-posterRemember that Tarantino Western flick, The Hateful 8? Some mean mothafuckas at Gawker leaked the script and Tarantino got a bit Beatrix Kiddo on us all. Continue reading


[Trailer] The Asian Godzilla Trailer will make your giblets quiver

Mother of all that is holy, in the Pacific be your home, thy trailer come, Mothra be undone by you as it should be. This new trailer is just insane, you are already probably well aware that we are ginormous Godzilla fans and as her return edges ever closer we have our best glimpse yet at what is actually gonna go down! Continue reading

[New Trailer] Sin City: A Dame to Kill For gets teaser reel!

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s hard-boiled second visit to the seedy Basin City is gearing up to be a seductively noir romp. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, some heavy heavy shit is about to go down and I’m not talking about Mickey Rourke’s lower jaw, that thing is messed up though. Continue reading

[Trailer] Into the Storm – When Fire Tornadoes ruin your Private Jet Collection

Jesus ever loving crap, this town can’t catch a break, do not buy up land near this quiet hamlet – tornadoes will fuck your front garden up, your loved ones will be sucked into voids and planes will spin uncontrollably into the air. Admittedly the planes sort of belong there but if you start introducing fire and probably razor sharp rain and lighting with the power of a thousand suns into the mix, you might not want to catch one out of town. Continue reading

JK Rowling to pen 3 NEW Harry Potter Movies… Set in New York!

"I don't want to go to America!"

“I don’t want to go to America!”

No, this is not a cruel Imperious curse that has forced us to all succumb to a cruel movie directors joke, this is real life god-dammit. The NY Daily News has reported that JK Rowling will be penning three new Harry Potter movies that take place before Harry’s antics in the mid 90’s. The kicker here is that it is going to be set in America! Continue reading