[Review] 100 Balls App, sounds nasty… is not bad



Okay I’m not going to lie, I was surprised to see a game called ‘100 Balls’ at the top of the Apple App Store. I’m not old fashioned or prone to fainting it just took me aback is all… needless to say sex sells (a free app) and I had downloaded it in seconds. Eager for my fill off balls… wait a minute.

Anyway, once I had gotten over my childish bout I got down to some serious gaming, well as serious as app gaming gets. The premise is simple, you are given a funnel of balls (100, I counted) and you control a flap that let the balls fall through. The aim is to get the balls into cups that follow a track under and over your funnel. Check out a jazzy screenshot below.

The game is stylistically really simple, which is the upward trend on the free app market. The likes of Flappy Bird (and it’s billion spin off’s) like to keep things neat and concepts easy. Of course, as always with these free games, adverts are typically occupying 1/10 of the total screen size and are not optional. The gameplay is intuitive – thankfully – as no tutorial is offered when you fire up the app. But I would go so far as to say that it is mildly more complex than it’s free chart counterparts; as you release balls some of the cups change colour, if you get corresponding balls in the right cups then your score can be multiplied. It is just about interesting enough to keep me mildly occupied and the primary colours changing and moving have certainly kept my chimp ego busy.

Sadly, the apathy soon sets in and after about 15 minutes I’ve moved on to something else; eating a biscuit or staring vacantly at a street light to work out if it was brighter yesterday or not. But I don’t think this game is ashamed of that, it was made to be played on a bus, on the train or whilst your ex walks towards you from down the road. It is short and sweet but hardly ground breaking.

Verdict: A great commuter distraction and worth picking up considering the value for money. A shade up in complexity from Flappy Birds and the like.

Gameplay: 6/10

Style: 2/10

Replay-ability: 8/10

Overall: 5/10


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