New Shadow of Mordor Gameplay: Weapon Details

By Balin’s beard! You really do not want to piss off Tailon and if you do; don’t surround yourself with bodyguards because he’ll harvest you for epic runes.
Yes some new insight into the hotly anticipated Shadow of Mordor has just dropped. We’ve had plenty of gameplay action released but this time we’ve got details of the weapons at Tailon’s disposal and how he’ll be able to upgrade them – amazingly, being dastardly actually helps you in this capacity. To kick things off I’ve grabbed a few grainy screenshots of the weapons:


The Dagger: Acharn


The Bow: Azkar


The Sword: Urfael

These aren’t particularly spectacular looking weapons, they are clearly grounded in Middle Earth human canon… but what they can do is spectacular. By slaying captains you collect runes, runes used in a number of combinations upgrade your weapon to unmeasurable power. Do you want a bow that shoots flaming arrows and decapitates people? You got it. How about a sword capable of dismembering your foes like a lightsabre? DAM, you ain’t got no head son. How about a missile that will kill 20+ enemies and strike fear into even the ugliest Orc? Check!

The rune system is of particular interest. Greater runes are gifted to you by the way you play the game. If you straight up encounter a captain and kill him, that’s a rune but if you stealth kill him… well that’s an ace rune. The best possible rune you can have is an ‘Epic Rune’, to get these you must be incredibly devious. You must make the captain aware that you are coming for him, he will then don armor and bodyguards because you’re a badass. If you take him don with this armor and bodyguard bonus you’re granted the best rune’s in the game.

Runes are then implanted or imbued to your sword, giving you incredible bonuses both physical, ie fire sword but also psychological, ie Orcs are scared shitless by your fire sword. I’m hoping that this will make for some interesting variations, what we do know is that you these runes will give you some kick ass finishing moves – watch the videos above for more on that!

The game will be available from October 7 in North America on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It’s likely to launch in Europe on October 10.



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