Watch Dogs Gameplay: New Screenshots Give Best Idea Of Gameplay Environment

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With Ubisoft’s techno open world game Watch Dogs just weeks away from release, the team behind the game have given us some of the crispest in-game screenshots this side of internet. And one thing is for sure; the new screen caps of Chi-Town, the Chicago inspired but very gritty city in which we play out our hackey chicanery, are gorgeous.

That is the first thing you notice about the wide panning shots of the city, it is utterly spectacular! Whether it be a church set against the moody street lights or some skyscrapers a blazed by the morning sun, the lighting is on par with anything we’ve seen so far. Oh and did I mention one other thing, a fucking mech spider, I mean if that isn’t pull your pants down, slap you on the arse spectacular then I have nothing for you. I’d go so far as to suggest that we are fighting against the techy spiders, but it’s electronic so we’ve got to be able to hack them… Right!? Army of mech spiders, check!

We also have a really jazzy shot of the protagonist playing poker. Presumably we’re playing with some dumb crap bags, we can read their levels of anxiety to judge if they are bluffing or not. Snagging up all their swag in no time. To be honest any game that has poker as a side pursuit is amazing, less we forget Red Dead.

I only have a few trepidations, top of the list is the iPad app. Traditionally I have not liked them, they take you away from the main action and only perform superfluous tasks that are usually out matched by in game events. Having said that, the ability to help others in their games whilst you are at the office or on yous lunch is a tantalizing prospect. Of course my other worry is that we are still unsure as to what device these have been taken from – although I’d strongly suggest that most are from the PC. I really hope that these level of graphics are transferred to the next gen consoles, I’m banking on that being the case which is why I have pre-ordered it!

Watch Dogs is released for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on May 27, 2014. The Wii U version has yet to receive a street date.


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