Concerning Dragons: The Origin of Tolkein’s Dragons

Concerning Dragons from Kieran Duncan on Vimeo.

There has always been plenty of lore surrounding the Dragon’s  in Tokein’s work. We know that they are greedy, possessive and completely immune to being covered in molten gold. They also make excellent detectives and Star Trek villains… right? Surprising then that canonically there is not one concrete origin story and it has been a point of conjecture amongst fans for decades. However, this stunning animation from the MSc students at Dundee University have offered up a really charming story – one that I think playfully uses some existing components from the lighter side of Middle Earth.

They have woven a tale in which one of the great eagles, rather naively for a powerful and aged creature, is caught by a wicked tree. One assumes that like all wicked trees this is probably located in Mirkwood, probably right next to a terrible shrub and an annoying dandelion. The tree pulls the eagle down into darkness where it re-emerges as a fiery dragon. It then peacocks atop of a mountain, minus mistiness, blasting out it’s turgid flame. Terrifying locals, no end.

I think this is a great little idea and expertly realised. Sticking close to existing characters and troupes already in the JRR universe I hope this origin story gets a bit more traction and is taken ever further! Of course true credit goes to George Baritakis, Kieran Duncan, Lilly Durrant, Steph Flynn, Kirti Geonka, John Harrison, Sheng Li, J.J. McGowan, Fraser Mac, Rebecca Paul and Tom Paxton. And of course Mr JRR himself.



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