You Can Now Own The Hateful 8 Poster

the-hateful-eight-posterRemember that Tarantino Western flick, The Hateful 8? Some mean mothafuckas at Gawker leaked the script and Tarantino got a bit Beatrix Kiddo on us all. He started running people through with his Hattori Hanzo sword if I remember correctly. Which was fair enough because he worked really hard on that and wrote a bunch of characters which developed properly over time and probably hardly killed anyone. 

Well, Tarantino recently did a read through of that script with a likely cast line-up, it went rather well and created quite a lot of hype about the project. Subsequently Tarantino has come out and admitted that he has been working on  a second re-write and that he will likely work on a third. “I’m working on a second draft and I will do a third draft, but we’re reading from the first draft.” an eager crowd were told ahead of the script reading. 

We now have news that you can own the poster that would have accompanied a screening of the movie at Cannes Film Festival.

“The official poster for the LACMA live read is now available to buy and hang on your wall, and it’s a pretty nifty piece of artwork. Designed by Matt Owen, it’s got an illustration of the sweeping views Tarantino has indicated in his script that he wants to shoot in 70mm, and right on top is an appropriately bloody title treatment. Fun stuff. The one sheet will set you back $45, but all proceeds are going to the non-profit Film Independent, the folks behind the L.A. Film Festival and Indie Spirit Awards.”

So what are you doing still sitting around playing with your Mr Pink, go buy your goddamn poster.


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