New Mario Kart 8 Screenshots – Still not as good as Star Wars ep.1 Racer

Mary, Jesus and Joseph! Mario’s eighth incarnation of his vastly popular drive em’up – although one assumes that canonically this is probably a hyper realistic and gritty look at his daily commute to various plumbing locations – is shaping up to be a visual feast.

With dozens of sparkling new screenshots to pour over we’re finally getting the sense that this may well live up to the triple-A mustard that Nintendo wants the game to cut, or something like that. Anyway, probably not since the likes of SSX Tricky have we seen such a vibrant palette on display. Not surprising given the regular colour scheme of most Mario outings but this certainly has cranked it up a few notches; just look at that tyre trim and horn weapon.

But that’s not all that is on display here, we also have hints at several game modes. Obviously you’ll have your standard career/tournament mode, you’ll have your multiplayer mode, that’s a given. But there is clearly a suggestion that we’ll get to play around with the babies (stop it) and the bikes as well, heck Waluigi is on a freaking Tron Cycle. You heard it here first Mario Kart will support Tron interfacing but we insist you take precaution upon entering the digital world. Look for Jeff Bridges he’ll know what to do.20140501-073120.jpg

In part this game is one of the Nintendo figureheads and they should be teasing us with stunning visuals, so it’s no surprise to see this level of work at this point in development. That said, upon release this will really need to be AAA game and that is something that Nintendo will be deeply aware of as well… Which is perhaps why they’re giving away a free game with every copy of MK8 that is sold.

Your move Star Wars ep.7. Racer..


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